Clairol Nice And Easy 106A 伊卡璐染发剂 自然暗金色

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  • 中文名称 :Clairol Nice And Easy 106A 伊卡璐染发剂 自然暗金色
  • 外文名称 :Clairol Nice And Easy 106B Natural Dark Champagne Blonde
  • 品牌 :Clairol
Nice 'n Easy hair colour from Clairol, for hair that looks freshly coloured even six weeks later. * Nice 'n Easy new long lasting colour technology * Hair stays smooth and shiny * Never matte or flat, hair colour's infused with highlights * Get natural-looking, strand-to-strand dimension with Clairol Nice 'n Easy Want to keep that just coloured feeling for longer? Nice 'n Easy gives you a natural looking colour that's fresh and full of shine even 6 weeks later. Does your hair colour look tired and faded just a few weeks after colouring? That's because they can't cope with the stress of exposure to the sun and shampooing.With Nice 'n Easy colours stays true for 6 weeks and hair feels as good as it looks. Our breakthrough ColourSeal Technology offers the first conditioner to be developed specifically for colourant products. It protects your colour from shampooing while conditioning. With just 6 weekly treatments of ColourSeal Gloss, hair keeps that just coloured look and feels silky smooth wash after wash.And colour looks natural with Nice 'n Easy's Multi-Tone Colour Formula. It's designed to deliver a shade that imparts the three signs of truly natural-looking colour: depth, highlights and shine to allow each strand of hair to maintain its own unique colour, giving natural looking highlights.Features include * More brilliant colour * An exclusive colour formula with built in colour highlights * Colour Activating Creme in an easy squeeze applicator * Expert Colourist Gloves for a no-mess perfect application * 3 ColourSeal Gloss treatments to keep hair smooth and shiny * 100% grey hair coverage


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